Ikbal Thermal Hotel provides an ideal environment for your organizations with one big and three multipurpose conference halls, all professionally run. The trained personnel of Ikbal, who consider every detail for you and can satisfy any requirement immediately, will look after your organization. The congress centre, which is suitable for all kinds of meetings and seminars, is always ready with modern technical equipment for your needs: we able to assist you to obtain the outcomes you desire in your meetings.

Available for 800 people in Theatre order, 600 people in Banquet order.

70 – 90 person. L 2

50 – 70 person. L 2

200 person. L 2

30 person, 60 person in cinema order.

Light and sound system used in Ikbal party hall
2 DTS Robot, 12 point spot, 1 Yamaha mx 12/4 mixer, 1 Bayerdynamic sm 250 cordless microphone, 1 Sony CD Player for 5 CD, 4 EV Eliminator Speaker

Sound system used in Roof Cabinet
1 Yamaha mx 12/4 mixer, 1 Sony CD Player for 5 CD, 2 EV Eliminator Speaker

Devices kept in order to be used in Conference system
TOA ts 701-702 models, Normal cabled microphone, Sony Video Player, Projection, Projection curtain , TV

All the light and sound equipment that we use are portable and can be installed on required environment on demand.

Everyone’s health is checked for any illness which could prevent the guest from using the thermal spring, during the first interview with Ikbal Thermal Hotel’s specialists. After the medical approval, an appropriate treatment schedule is determined for every guest. Checks are carried out continuously by the friendly hotel team during all the thermal treatment and cure centre activities..

It is applied by giving pressure by placing air boats which are manufactured using special techniques; that may be inflated; and are separated into parts, on various regions of the body. It rapidly and safely treats the deformed appearances, bulges which are formed on the formation of body due to slow lymphatic and venous circulation . it provides the tissues to have a tighter and smoother appearance. It is a substitute for the hand massage applied on the
legs from down to up..

Below mentioned treatments are applied in our hotel’s Physical therapy, Sports Traumatology and Rehabilitation Cure Centre with the co-operation of the University and Ikbal Thermal Hotel by an experienced doctors, physiotherapists and other auxiliary health teams:

* All kinds of rheumatic disease
* Joint calcification,
* Long-term or short-term joint aches,
* Various palsies of environmental nerves,
* Semi-body palsies,
* Muscle weaknesses and aches arising from
various reasons,
* Various bone-joint system defects
related to sports injuries,
* Menisci,
* Diseases like waist-shoulder syndrome,
* Waist-leg aches arising from various
* All kinds of diseases depending on nerve system,
* Waist and neck aches,
* Environmental facial palsy.

It is prepared by mixing the mud from the source of thermal water and thermal water itself. It is applied in whole, half or extemital (arms-leg) forms with treatment purpose. It is applied once a day for 15-20 minutes under 39-40 degrees Celsius heat.

The heat may increase up to 50 degrees. The application duration is once in day. The static electricity and toxins are discharged with this application. The ion balance of the body is provided, the body becomes tighter, wrinkle formation is delayed. Joint and muscle aches are decreased by the heat, as the blood circulation gets faster nerve system diseases recede. Mud treatment is the best preparatory for the exercise. This method can be used for all rheumatic diseases.

The hot and minerally rich thermal water increases the health power of the one. The effects of thermal baths increase with swimming, exercising, sauna, massage and other cure centre activities. The water of drilling source in Ikbal Thermal Hotel is a thermal water which is odourless, less gassed, has a PH value of 7.96 and a total hardness of 12 degrees, carries CO  gas freely, includes Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron-Aluminum, Sulphate, Chlorine, Hydrocarbonate.

The benefits of this curing resource were registered in a report dated 18/10/1990 and issued according to the 1955 numbered approval of the Ministry of Health related to the Ikbal Thermal Water.

Here are some of the diseases which Ikbal Thermal Water is used for:
*Rheumatic diseases: Rheumatoid artrit (inflamed joint rheumatism), Anchilosan spondilit (a disease in which the backbone becomes motionless with time), etc.,
*Ostearthrotosus (calcification),
*Skin diseases like psoriasis,
*Soft tissue rheumatism (Fibromyology, myophaisal aches),
*Waist-leg aches, disk diseases like Siatalgy,
*Fasia-tendon diseases,
*Gall bladder, kidney and urethra diseases,
*Mechanical waist and neck aches,
*Joint hardness (hardness formed after various orthopedic operations),
*The treatment of the problems occurred in bone brakes,
*Rehabilitation after all kinds of joint diseases,
*Stomach and intestine diseases,
*Neurological diseases (nerve aches and palsies like neuralgia, paralysis),
*Muscle diseases,
*Strengthening of the organism by balancing the iron level, removing structural weaknesses
*Long-termed inflamed diseases,
*Rehabilitation of spastic, cerebral palsy and child palsy children,
*Semi-body palsies (Hemiplegies),
*Sexual functioning defects in men (impotence) and unproductivity problems,
*Stress and all problems depending on stress,
*Insomnia, nervousness, physical and emotional tiredness, forgetfulness,
*Hair loosing and breaking, nail and skin diseases, and in addition when it is drank, it relaxes the over acid in stomach, organizes the movement disorders in intestines. It provides health and relaxation by balancing the mineral balance of the body.


These scripts and photographs are registered under © Copyright 2006, Ikbal Thermal Hotel / Afyon – Turkey. All Rights Reserved.


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