Palandöken – Erzurum – Turkey


Polat Renaissance, being a segment in the chain of Marriott Hotels, as the name “Renaissance” that it possesses implies, provides services as a brand which is preferred in the city of Erzurum for conferences and invitations. The Polat Renaissance Erzurum Hotel which has a rich kitchen on an international level that has broad possibilities to meet different demands at the same time can host invitations, meetings and organizations for up to 950 persons.

The Erzurum Hall which is within our structure and can be transformed into four different lounges when needed, The Banquet Room and the workshop rooms give the guests the opportunity to continue their business life without interruption. All kinds of meetings that are realized in The Polat Renaissance are organized under the supervision of our “Meeting Express” unit. In addition the most appropriate areas are created in the lounges of the Polat Renaissance which provides services of five stars quality.

Features, Flipchat, Slide projector, Overhead projector, Microphone, TV-Video-DVD-CD Player, Projection, Telephone-fax connection, 24 channel mixer, Mobile Sound System Amplifier, Monitor Loudspeakers 100 Watt

Banquet : 90, Theater : 80, Classroom : 55, Cocktail : 80, U-Table : 40ERZURUM II
Banquet : 60, Theater : 50, Classroom : 35, U-Table : 20

Banquet : 100, Theater : 100, Classroom : 60, Cocktail : 150, U-Table : 50

Banquet : 350, Theater : 300, Classroom : 150, Cocktail : 350

Banquet : 500, Theater : 700, Classroom : 300, Cocktail : 750

Banquet : 100, Theater : 80, Classroom : 40, Cocktail : 150, U-Table : 35

Banquet : 150, Theater : 200, Classroom : 150, Cocktail : 150, U-Table : 60

Polat Renaissance Erzurum Hotel has the capacity of 693 beds with summer-winter air-conditioned 234 rooms in total consisting of 4 duplex suites, 136 twin and 94 queen rooms. Our rooms designed according to the international standards are decorated suitable to home environment. At our hotel where combinable rooms, specially decorated room for disabled persons and rooms for non-smokers are available, all rooms are also featured with the following technical features for special needs of our guests.

24 Hour heating / cooling system, adjusted automatically.
24 hour fresh air / exhaust system.
Hot / cold massage shower.
Modern communication system.
Computer / fax connection possibility.
Access to internet through TV system and all World TV broadcasts.
Receiving messages, account management, making orders, waking up, and following information channels through TV system.
Possibility of watching vision movies on Pay TV system.
Fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems (automatic controlled).
Hair drier.
Possibility of listening to music in baths, and telephone.

Polat Renaissance offers you the five star taste quality in its restaurants and cafes where it prepares different examples from Turkish and World cuisines.

The Polat Health Club round the year offers you a pleasant environment in which you can have fun while doing sport, protecting your health and keeping yourself fit

Supervised by expert instructors you can practice gymnastics with or without equipment, step, aerobic, aqua aerobic, play table tennis and use the indoor swimming pool. You can also spend freshening hours at the Polat Health Club in the Turkish bath, sauna, solarium, steam bath, shock showers, Turkish bath massage, and Swedish massage choices.

Palandöken mountains which surround the south of Erzurum like a bow are under a lot of attention lately with their natural ski slopes. Palandöken, which is becoming an even brighter star with its facilities at an altitude of approximately 2200-3100 meters, is progressing towards becoming one of the most important ski centers of the world with assured steps. Palandöken, which is only 5 km away from the city center, is at an only 1,5 hours distance from Istanbul by airway.

Together with the chair lift system that belongs to the Polat Renaissance Erzurum Hotel, the gondola-lifts which were constructed inside the mountain by the Governorship of Erzurum provide an easy and fast access to the ski points on the mountain. Palandöken, which is at the service of those who want to practice winter sports, with its 14 km long worldwide famous slopes, awaits its guests during 6 months with its slopes that are well over world standards. Moreover, traditional Alpine Ski Races that are conducted each year give the region another specialty.

Operating hours of the lifts – 08.30 – 16.00
 3 of the chair lifts belong to the Polat Renaissance Hotel.
Polat 1 » 800 m
Polat 2 » 300 m
Polat 3 » 1097 m
 1 Gondola lift belongs to the Governorship and is a pay lift – 3200 m
 5 chair lifts belong to the Dedeman Hotel and are pay lifts
Ejder lift » 1778 m
Vadi lift » 1200 m
Güney lift » 1528 m
T.bar lift » 800 m
Bambi lift » 200 m
 Y. and S. Provincial Dir. Lift – 3237 m

Easy slope » 8 slopes
Medium slope » 8 slopes
Difficult slope » 3 slopes
Natural slope » 4 slopes
The North and South slopes have been approved by the International Ski Federation and international ski races are organized once a year


These scripts and photographs are registered under © Copyright 2006, Polat Renaissance Erzurum Hotel / Palandöken – Erzurum – Turkey. All Rights Reserved.


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