Nevşehir – Turkey


Let’s meet where the past and the future meets…Lykialodge Convention Center which is at your service since March 2005, is different at first sight by its location. In a building surrounded by natural and historical wonders and which reflects the region’s genuine geographical and architectural features, it suits all your needs in a modern and progressive manner. Moreover, the care that your guests receive makes them feel exclusive.

Our convention center has 1 gala and meeting hall, 1 meeting hall which can be divided into 2 separate meeting halls, 1 small meeting hall and 2 meeting rooms each providing 40 persons with comfortable working areas. All are perfect by means of infrastructure and technological equipment and can be organized for different activities according to your wishes or requests.


Keep your vision wide open. Our grand meeting hall, with a capacity of 675 people, provides the best solutions for your major organizations. The hall which gives you space, can be organized either theater-like or classroom-like sitting order according to your request. Lykia Gala and Meeting Hall with its 350 people capacity in banked order is convenient from small-scale celebrations to large-scale meetings.

Space (m2) : 610, Height (m) : 5, Theatre (person) : 675, Class-room (person) : 339, Banquet (person) : 350

You may choose one of our 90-people meeting halls for your small-scale or private meetings. These halls are also designed to fulfill your needs in the best way. According to your request, these two halls can be converged into a 170 square-meters meeting hall.

RGP Meeting Hall-1
Space (m2) : 85, Height (m) : 3.5, Theatre (person) : 90, Class-room (person) : 65

RGP Meeting Hall-2
Space (m2) : 85, Height (m) : 3.5, Theatre (person) : 90, Class-room (person) : 65


They are suitable for your small-scale meetings and can be organized as theatre or classroom sitting order. As the rgp Meeting Halls these rooms can also be converged thus creating one meeting hall of 80 square-meters.

Avanos Meeting Room-1
Space (m2) : 40, Height (m) : 2.5, Theatre (person) : 30, Class-room (person) : 25

Avanos Meeting Room-2
Space (m2) : 40, Height (m) : 2.5, Theatre (person) : 30, Class-room (person) : 25


You may use this hall for your executive board meetings that consist of relatively small number of participants as well as exclusive meetings. This hall can be arranged in theatre or classroom sitting order according to your request.

Zelve Meeting Hall
Space (m2) : 63, Height (m) : 3.5, Theatre (person) : 50, Class-room (person) : 40

16 Input Mixer Behringer UB 1622 FX 1 Piece
2×31 band Equalizer Behringer FBQ 3102 1 Piece
Power Behringer EP 1500 1 Piece
2 Way Speaker Work Studio 5 4 Pieces
Uhf Wireless Microphone Bayer Dynamic Opus 159 U 1 Piece
Power Amplifier QSC ISA 300 T 3 Pieces
Preamplifier RCF PR 4092 2 Pieces
Tuner Yamaha TX 492 1 Piece
Cd Player with 5 disc changer Sony CDP CE 505 1 Piece
Announce Systems RCF PR 1 Piece
Sound Systems Philips FR 740 1 Piece
Speaker Philips Home Speaker 5 Pieces

Projection Sanyo 1500 ANSI Lumen 1 Piece
Portable Screen Screenline 200×200 1 Piece
Dia Projector Kodak 2 Pieces
Overhead Projector Kinderman 1 Piece
Portable Screen Screenline 180×180 2 Pieces
Projection Philips 4450 1 Piece
DVD Player Panasonic 1 Piece

Lykia Lodge, sits on a total area of 40.000 sq m, is only 5 km to Nevşehir and Gцreme and quite centrally located. Lykia Lodge is the perfect hotel to enjoy Cappadocia’s magical geography in comfortable harmony with the region. Dining includes traditional dishes of the region, and wines from grapes of the fertile vineyards of Central Anatolia; enjoy the wonderful fairy chimneys and valleys of Cappadocia from atop a horse, a bike or to fully enjoy this unique panorama the best view is from the sky in a hot-air balloon.

Lykia Lodge aims to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable holiday with its fully comfortable luxury rooms, indoor and outdoor restaurants, chimney-bar, shopping area, swimming pools specifically designed for adults and children, pool-bar, fruit gardens, TV/Movie Hall, game hall for children and many other facilities.

Cappadocia is comprised of a triangular area from rgp to Avanos and to Nevşehir, located within the rectangle of Aksaray, Kırşehir, Kayseri and Niğde, situated on the high plateau in Turkey’s Central Anatolia region. Ancient sources describe Cappadocia as a wide area bordered by Toros Mountains to the south, Aksaray to the west, Malatya to the east and Eastern Black Sea coast to the north. The region’s well known areas for history, culture and natural beauties are Üçhisar, Göreme, Avanos, Ürgüp, Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı and Ihlara.

By road, Lykia Lodge is 90 km to Kayseri Airport (60 minutes), 290 km to Ankara Esenboğa Airport (200 minutes), and 5 km to Nevşehir city centre (5 minutes)

Lykia Lodge has a total of 146 air-conditioned rooms with a capacity of 291 beds. Special attention is given to many details in order to meet the needs and expectations of our guests.

Each room is equipped with direct dial telephone, satellite TV, bathtub(in 50% of the rooms)/shower/WC, music broadcast, mini bar, private safe, hair dryer, towel dryer, central heating and cooling system.

In the two restaurants of the hotel, one indoor and one outdoor, an open buffet is served at breakfast and dinner. Dining outdoors during summer gives you the best opportunity to experience Cappadocia’s wonderful starlit evenings. Lunches, however, are served with a’la carte  menu.

Specialty nights are arranged serving international cuisines at Lykia Lodge offering guests unlimited choices and speciality regional dishes. Lykia Lodge is an ideal choice for those who wish to experience the region in every aspect from its architecture to delicious cuisine.

Kapadokya nights also promise you the magical ambiance of the region in Lykia Lodge’s chimney-bar for 150 guests. Try the well known wine of rgp whilst relaxing with friends and loved ones in Lykia Lodge’s bar!

Lykia Lodge also offers you the uniquely special experience of dining within the fairy chimneys or at natural, historical and cultural sites. This special service is available for groups of 10 to 1500 people, giving our guests the benefit of our famous cuisine, excellent service, and unforgettable moments in a unique setting.


These scripts and photographs are registered under Copyright 2006, Lykialodge Convention Center / Nevşehir – Turkey. All Rights Reserved.


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